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T.T. Advance Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Thailand since 2006. We believed that quality has always been our policy. We offer a wide of High Quality Precision Carbide Cutting Tools, Diamond Tools, Die-Cast Dies & Molds, Service Tools and Various Type of Industrial Products.
Providing Technical Consultancy.
Cutting Tools Regrinding and Recoating.
Manufacturing Carbide Tools of Varying Diameter Ranging From Diameter 0.3 mm. to Diameter 40 mm. with an Achievable Tolerance Range of +/- 0.001 mm.
is to optimize our products and service offering by meeting and fulfilling the exacting requirements of our customers through the consolidation of our strengths in the following areas.
On Time Delivery   Competitive Prices   We Guarantee Quality
  1. Special Cutting Tools :
Spiral & Straight Flute Drills & Reamer (with/without Through Feed System).
Single Lip Cutter / Halfmoon Drills.
Spade Drills / Spade Step Drills / Mono Drills.
d. Cut & Burnishing Tools / Boring Tools / T-Slot Cutter.
Endmills - Flat, Ball Nose, Taper & Corner Radius.
Solid Carbide and Brazed Carbide Straight Flute Drills, Reamers, Form Tools & Hollow Mills.
  2. PCD Tools :
Diamond Carbide Slot Endmills.
PCD Forming Bite & Reamer.
Brazed PCD Form Tools, Hollow Mills, Drills & HSK Tools.
PCD and CBN Tipped Indexable Inserts.
  3. Gun Drillings :
Single-Fluted Gun Drill with Solid Carbide Head ( Suitable for almost every material, from Diameter 2.0mm - 40.0mm, max. total length 3000mm ). Coating Available - Tin, TiCN & TiALN.
Two-Fluted Gun Drill with Solid Carbide Head ( Suitable for Cast Iron, Aluminum and Short -Chipping non-Ferrous metals, from Diameter 6.0mm - 27.0mm, max. total length 1000mm ).
  4. CVD Diamond End Mills :
Mini & Standard End Mills - Flat, Ball Nose & Corner Radius.( Suitable for Graphite Roughing / Finishing Cutting ).
  5. Die Cast Mold For Aluminum :
We are one of the Thai distributor for the Malaysia Die Cast Mold Manufacturer who are very familiar in Malaysia.
We import all kind of Die Cast Mold under “Sungreen Mould” brand from Malaysia.
“Sungreen” specialized in the Manufacturing Aluminum, Magnesium and Zinc Alloy Die Casting Molds. The industry caters for Auto & Motorcycle Parts, Computer Peripherals, Power Tools, Generator Case, Telecommunications and Medical appliances.
In addition to its production activities, the company also provides mould design according to our customer’s specifications and specialized services in CAD/CAM through the utilization of CNC and EDM.
Manufacturing Flow Chart :
  6. Mold & Die Springs :
(71.0 KB)
  7. Industrial Brushes :
    We import all kind of industrial brushes under “UNION” brand from Taiwan.
    They Are :
Abrasive Nylon Brush for Deburring.
P.C.B. Roll Brush.
Roll Brush for Steel Industrial.
ESD Brush for Electronic Industrial.
High Temperature Resistance for IC Semiconductor Industry.
Custom Make is Available, Special Drawing and Specific are Welcome.
  8. Cleaner System :
    We also import all kind of cleaner system under “JKS Engineering” brand from Malaysia. JKS is actively involved in the
    development, design, system construction, training & support for Wet Processing Operation, providing reliable
    solutions that deliver fast payback to our customer worldwide.
    Products Cleaner System :
Automatic Multiple Robotics
Automatic Single Robotics
Automatic Enhance Robotics
Horizontal Conveyor
Vertical Conveyor
Semi - Auto Console
Automatic Clipper Robotics
Automatic Pusher Robotics
Manual Console
Cleaner Chemistry
Aqueous System
Mixture of Aqueous and Solvent
Hydrocarbon System

We Strive To Be The Best At What We Do;


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